Becoming a City Pin Tours sponsor is the best way for you to show support for the work we are doing to enrich the communities we partner with, and it comes with a number of exclusive benefits. Our sponsorship program is available at three different tiers. You may become a sponsor at any tier you would like to receive the benefits listed below.

Exclusive Sponsorship Pin – When you become a City Pin Tours Sponsor, you will receive an exclusive Sponsorship Pin. The pin will come with a personalized thank you, and a certificate of authenticity. This pin will ONLY be available through our sponsorship program.

Featured Sponsor – When you become a City Pin Tours Sponsor, you (or your business/organization) will be featured on our ‘Sponsors’ page, along with a short bio, and contact information if you would like to be reachable by our visitors. Think of this like an ad built right into our web experience that showcases how you support your local community.

Community Discord (Coming soon) – When you become a City Pin Tours Sponsor, you will be given access to our Sponsors Only Discord channel, where you will be able to communicate directly with us, as well as our other sponsors. Keep in mind this community will be full of people who support community involvement and take action to incite change. This is a community of game changers. Members of the Discord channel will also have access to exclusive news, updates, and opportunities.

Tier One: As a Tier One Sponsor 


Tier Two:

Tier Three:


Additionally, a portion of the proceeds from every City Pin Tours Sponsorship will be donated to the Gary Sinise Foundation to support our veterans and offer our gratitude for all they’ve done for us and our communities. Our Goal for our 2021 year is to donate $10,000.00! To learn more about the great work done by the Gary Sinise Foundation, visit their website by clicking here.


Become a Sponsor - Step 1 of 3

The 2021 Sponsorship season will run through March 1st, 2022. 2022 Sponsorships will be available for sale starting December 1st 2021, and the Sponsorship season will run from March 1st, 2022 through March 1st, 2023.