City Pin Tours is a new and exciting community experience focused on connecting people to the businesses they know and love. Our mission is to create a memorable journey for people and their families through Creativity, Community, and Collectibles.


In April of 2021, our founder, Derek McCauley, began brainstorming ways he could develop a system that would grow and give back to small communities. He remembered back to the pin trading system used at the Disney parks and how much of an adventure it was to collect and trade enamel pins across all of the parks, and wondered if he could put a system in place to bring that energy into small communities to support its citizens and its businesses. This inspired the idea of City Pin Tours, because every community deserves to feel just as magical.

It was incredibly important to us to give back as much as possible in the operation of City Pin Tours. We started by partnering with Mayor Amy Brewer and the Chamber of Commerce in our home city of Lebanon, Ohio as well as local and high school art programs. All of our artist partners receive cash scholarships for every approved piece of art and all community partners become part of a tour that encourages patronage and offers those customers a free gift for collecting every pin on that tour. Additionally, our Sponsorship Program offers people an exclusive, limited run, sponsorship pin, and we donate a portion of all sponsorship proceeds to the Gary Sinise Foundation to support our veterans.